jeremy walker shirtless

Chris Rockway collection

Welcome Rouletters ;)

Clive Owen

One regular..

And one in nothing but a towel! ;) too bad he's not naked right?

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Junior is one hot guy! :)

He'll star in the upcoming film Sherlock Holmes, where you can see him naked tied up in bed. The trailer can be seen here:

And, for those of you who don't want so see the whole trailer, here's the screenshot of Robert Downey naked:

Sam Worthington: Can it get any hotter?

Unfortunatly, there's still no sign of a picture of Sam Worthington without shirt.

Avatar hunk Stephen Lang

Sam Worthington is not the only good looking guy in Avatar. If you're more into the older men, you might like Stephen Lang. There are some nice muscle shots in the movie, but I haven't found some shirtless pictures online.

If you did, a comment is more than welcome!

Avatar hunk Sam Worthington

I've yet to find a shirtless picture of this hottie. Do you have any? Feel free to leave a comment!

Apparently, he loves being naked:

The Australian actor - who stars as a blue alien called Jake Sully in 'Avatar', the 3-D animated film by director James Cameron - insists he didn't solely rely on technology for the role.

He said: "I had nothing on. I had a loincloth on and they painted me blue, basically".

Speaking on Thursday night (17.12.09) at the Los Angeles premiere of the film, Sam - who was relatively unknown before being offered the role in 'Avatar' - admitted he welcomed the body-baring challenge.

Chris Rockway Shirtless

Rav Wilding shirtless

Yum :)